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Kitty J. Laios
Tel: +30 210 8079966
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email: info@laios-estate.gr

Kitty J. Laios

Luxury VIP Mega Yachts

Welcome to Premium Vip Mega Yachts with the signing of Kitty J. Laios. All our Yachts  are of the  highest aesthetics & robust construction and  combine ease of navigation with premium design, while at the same time they provide you with  all the necessary means/comforts to  ensure luxury  holidays in style, for you and your familly. Each Yacht has been personally chosen by Kitty J. Laios solely on  "Best Buy" basis, and in order  to provide you with top quality  premium yachts.

One must always keep in mind, that each Yacht has its own unique features, design line and capabilities, that separates it from the next. Thus, our goal, is first to monitor your needs   and second,  to  succesfully match them with one of our Yachts- as best as we can- and in order to fullfill all your desires & expectations you may have as a customer.

Having said that, we- in Kitty J. Laios-are determined to provide you with tailor-made products (wheather they may be Real Estate properties or Luxury Yachting), and achieve customer satisfaction. We are proud to admit that we have done it successfully, for all of our customers all these years, why not for you and your familly?